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We have partnered with Adoctus; a leading Learner Management Platform software provider. The aim is to help Educators transition to the Digital Classroom.
For a minimal Student and Facilitator fee per month this platform can be provisioned and badged with Your BRAND in a matter of days.
Upload your content (in any format) create your test, certificates and badges and you are ready to go.
Monitor user experience with real time behaviour tracking, chat and lots of other features:

BMC Software Education Authorised Partner

SiSekela takes a learner-centric approach to training through teaching methods that match your team’s preferred learning style, budget, and time constraints. BMC offers instructor-led training through SiSekela Education within Africa.

BMC has chosen SiSekela as an education partner in Africa due to the quality and experience available within the SiSekela team. Our expert instructors can also teach private classes on site or at pre-determined venues according to our varied schedules.

With certified trainers in BMC Base AR System, ITSM, CMDB, Digital Workplace and Smart Reporting, SiSekela can assist with your BMC educational requirements.

BMC Education
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Adoctus Features

What is Adoctus?

Adoctus is an intelligent online E-learning portal created to enhance any company training processes. It allows you to manage and monitor all employees.

The learning environment is rapidly evolving. Traditional learning platforms are quickly becoming obsolete as learners switch to more convenient channels that allow them to learn as they work. E-learning is emerging as the most preferred method for training employees because it is less costly, more effective and allows additional flexibility.

However, online training systems are susceptible to various challenges as well. The most pertinent issues facing most E-Learning platforms are costly and unreliable internet connectivity in some regions, security, inadequate E-learning infrastructure, and limited training management tools.

Adoctus addresses these challenges by providing an affordable cross-device comprehensive online training system that is bandwidth sensitive with sophisticated security features. 

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E-Learning Features

Adoctus ticks all the boxes when it comes to online e-learning technology, from behavioural tracking to a white label e-learning platform. Adoctus has it all!

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Security Features

Adoctus offers a secure, online e-learning platform within the market – worldwide, making use of cutting-edge technology in order to provide the best, state-of-the-art security features.

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HR Toolbox

Adoctus offers a professional HR Toolbox in order to effectively manage all human resource needs – ensuring the ability to gather, manage, and communicate data—accurately, reliably, and consistently.

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