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Remote Working 101—Tips From the Field
Heather McLatchie 14-01-2021

The global coronavirus pandemic has triggered immediate and sweeping changes to the way we live and work, and if you’re among the extremely fortunate who aren’t on the medical front lines or part of the service industry, you’ve perhaps transitioned to working from home. 

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6 Things to Consider in a New Year of Working Remotely
Wendy Rentschler 14-01-2021

Rolling into a new year of remote working ten months after the pandemic changed the world might look a little different, or it might be more of the same. Now, with almost a year under your belt, let’s check in on lessons learned since our original blog post, and look at six ways you can make the most of remote—for yourself and your colleagues.

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The importance of Learning Styles
Education 23-06-2021

First and foremost – let’s clear the air! What is a learning style? According to TopHat: “A learning style refers to an individual’s method [...]

How to Build a Connection with Online Students

With Covid 19 taking the world by storm, the world was forced to abandon traditional learning methods. It was time to turn a new [...]

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Preparing for distance learning

In the past, distance learning was an option – a much less preferred option, usually chosen in the case where you had to study [...]

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Online learning and Mental Health

In the past, as crazy as that sounds, we had it pretty easy when it came to education. Everything was organized and structured – [...]

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